Welcome to NetWare 6

Congratulations! You have successfully installed NetWare 6. We hope you will take a few moments to look at the powerful features available with NetWare 6, the Net Services Software Solution from Novell. NetWare 6 adds tremendous value to your company's ability to communicate over your network. When you need to extend the reach of your intranet to the Internet, NetWare 6 provides non-stop access, Net-ready security and high availability.

You will see these powerful capabilities reflected in NetWare 6 file storage, iFolder, iP-printing, directory and powerful new Web services that are accessed as Net services across all types of networks; corporate and public, wired and wireless, storage systems and client desktops.

This page should be considered temporary. You might wish to replace it with your own home page and Web site content. Before doing so however, we heartily recommend you spend time exploring the links in the frame to your left. Many of these links introduce you to the powerful new features found in NetWare 6.