North Putnam School
                                 P.O. Box 169                    
               300 N. Washington Street
                            Bainbridge, IN 46105            
                Phone: (765) 522- 6218        Fax: (765) 522- 3562


North Putnam Community School Corporation

    Quality Education in a Rural Setting   

    Award Winning Students, Faculty and Administrators

    All Schools Accredited by State PBA Program

All Schools Accredited by State PBA Program

All Schools Accredited by the North Central Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges (NCA)

Academic Honors Diploma and Core 40 at the High School

Academic Competition in all Schools

Libraries in both Elementary Schools

Guidance and Counseling Services in all Schools

Special Education - Old National Trail Special Education Cooperative

Drug Free Education Grades K-12

Vocational Education in the High School - Area 30 Career Center

Alternative School - Area 30 Career Center

Title I Remediation Program in Language Arts and Math Grades 3-5

Gifted-Talented Program Grades K-12

Computer Education Grades K-12

Computer Labs in all Schools

Five Year Technology Program

Full Time Technology Coordinator

Art, Music and Physical Education Teachers in the Elementary Schools

Vision, Hearing and Dental Screening

Speech Therapy in all Schools

Advanced Placement Classes in the High School

Distance Learning in the High School

Advisor-Advisee Program in the Middle School

Outdoor Lab Available to all Students

Swimming Instruction in Middle and High Schools

Career Day in the High School

Parent Involvement Programs in all Schools

Variety of Extra Curricular Activities in all Schools

Middle and High School Interscholastic Athletic Programs

Full Time Athletic Trainer