iPrint Map Designer Help (sk)

Menu Bar

File Menu

New - Create a new map.

Open - Open an existing map.

Save As... - Save the current map. You will be prompted for the location where you want to save the map. If you save the map to a different drive or server, you need to manually copy all of the map file's supporting files. The supporting files are located in the \images directory. You should copy everything in the \images directory and its subdirectories to the new location.

Edit Menu

Cut - Copies the currently selected icon and removes if from the map.

Copy - Copies the currently selected icon.

Paste - Pastes an icon from the Cut or Copy operations onto the map.

Delete - Removes the currenly selected icon from the map without copying it to the paste buffer.

Font - Set the font's typeface, size, and color. The font settings affect all fonts on the map.

View Menu

View Source/Hide Source - Displays or hides the HTML source window located in the lower righthand corner. Changes to the map are automatically updated in the HTML source window. (NOTE: Because this feature is resource intensive, it is recommended that this window remain closed when not needed.)

Help Menu

Contents - Displays this help file.

About - Displays information about the iPrint Map Designer, and provides a link to the Novell iPrint web site.

Left Column

To create a map of printer locations, first choose a background, then drag and drop a Printer icon onto the design area. Use the fields below to configure the parameters of the printer icon.

Printer Icon

Select the type and size of the Printer icon you want. You can change an existing icon on the map by selecting the icon, then selecting a new printer icon.

Icons are stored in sys:\apache2\htdocs\ippdocs\images\printers and are autodetected by iPrint Map Designer at startup. If you create a custom icon, you should copy it into the above directory.

Printer List

Select the printer agent you want to associate with this printer icon. If no printers are listed, you will need to specify an NDPS Manager using the Lookup icon located adjacent to the drop-down list.

When the correct NDPS Manager is selected, a list of printers are displayed in the list. If a printer is not listed, you have not enabled IPP for the printer.

Printer Agent

Displays the currently selected printer agent. Use the Printer List to select a different printer agent.

Printer URL

The URL created for the printer when IPP is enabled for the printer. You should not need to change the URL.

Mouse Over Text (Optional)

By default, Mouse Over Text displays the printer agent's name. You can override this information by entering the text you want to display when a user moves the mouse over the Printer icon.

If you want to restore the default text after you have modified the field, you must delete the text and then reselect the printer agent from the Printer List.

Printer Caption (Optional)

Enter the information you want displayed under the Printer icon in the map.


Select the background map you want to use. Background maps are stored in sys:\apache2\htdocs\ippdocs\images\maps and are autodetected by iPrint Map Designer at startup. You should copy your maps to this directory.

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