This example shows a low maintenance example of location-based printing using iPrint. In the left most column, there are two examples. In the 1st example, each link points to an HTML file for each company site where an iPrint printer is running. The HTML source files could be hosted on web servers at each of the individual sites. In the 2nd example, each link points to one centralized file, allsites.htm, that contains all the links for the entire company. In both examples, the pages need to changed only as new sites are added.

In the second column, each link points to a server where an iPrint Manager is running. Only one link per server is necessary. If iPrint Managers are organized such that printer agents are grouped geographically. It becomes very easy to do location-based printing. These pages need to be updated only when new iPrint Managers are created.

The 3rd frame is generated automatically by iPrint and requires no maintenance. As new printers are created they automatically show up in this list. For the example we have simulated this frame. To see the HTML syntax necessary to link to an iPrint Manager for the automated display, see Montevideo in the source file for allsites.htm or london.htm