Parent Involvement Policy
Roachdale Elementary School

    We, the staff of Roachdale Elementary School, in accordance with the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001, will provide our parents with quality information about our Title 1 program through annual meetings offered at various times throughout the school year.
    We will explain the requirements and rights of the parents during these meetings and during parent teacher conferences in the fall. Parent compacts and a school-wide Title 1 brochure will explain: the programs and curriculum offered at the school, proficiency levels that are expected to be met on performance assessments, such as, the Classroom Grades, Writing Prompts, Math Assessments, DIBELS Assessments, Performance Series Assessments, CTBS Assessments, and ISTEP+ Assessments, that are appropriate for each child, and the responsibilities and expectations of the entire school community, which includes students, teachers, and parents.
    Parents will be an integral part in planning to meet these goals and expectations. Parents will review our school-wide improvement plans in a timely manner. Parent suggestions and decisions will be honored as we work together to coordinate the education of our children. Information regarding our decisions and improvement plan will be available for parents.
    Newsletters will also provide valuable information regarding at least three meetings and events for training parents in ways to improve their children’s achievement.
    Roachdale Elementary School will provide parents with understandable information, strategies, and materials at these meetings that can be done at home to support compact goals and other school efforts that will meet state standards for all students currently enrolled.
    The Roachdale Elementary staff will also assist new families enrolling from other schools by providing them with current information about our school and state standards at time of enrollment. Staff members are dedicated to the wellness of each student and their educational success and will work with parents and area agencies to ensure that each child is stretching for success and reaching their goals.