Kindergarten Rules and Procedures


The following is our class pledge:


We raise our hands to speak.

We work quietly at our seats.

We use voices soft and sweet.

We keep our places tidy and neat.

We are helpful, friendly, and fair.

We take turns and willingly share.



We review this pledge each day talking about expectations.



Students will be expected to follow all school rules at all times.  This includes times the student is at the following activities:  recess, breakfast and lunch time, walking in the hallway, restroom times, on the morning walking track, special area classes, and the school bus. 



Every student will begin the day with 3 Good Behavior Tickets. These will tickets will be used as our Kindergarten discipline.  As students exhibit poor behavior he or she will be asked to give one of the tickets to the teacher.  At the end of the day the number of tickets the student has left in his or her possession will be recorded.  At the end of the week students will be rewarded for having for having kept at least one ticket per day.



Students who repeatedly misbehave, are disrespectful to other students and adults, or fail to follow school rules will miss recess.  Parents will be notified of problems either by a note in the daily folder or a phone call.