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     High ability services are established to offer opportunities for students who have the potential to complete high ability work in the classroom.  Students are selected as high ability students based on meeting specific criteria from a variety of sources.  All students will be considered when searching for those students who defined by the description below.  High ability students may receive more challenging activities in their identified area of talent.

     Students with high ability perform or show the potential at remarkably high levels of accomplishment in at least one domain when compared with others of their age, experience, or environment.  North Putnam Community School Corporation recognizes there are such students in all cultural and economic groups and has procedures in place to identify those students K-12 in order to provide the challenging curriculum and instruction they need to develop their potential.

     Domain is defined as including “the following areas of aptitude and talent:  General Intellectual, General Creative, Specific Academic, Technical and Practical Arts, Visual and Performing Arts, Interpersonal.” (IC 20-36-1-2)


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