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What services are  available through EXCEL?


Our major focus is to provide for the needs of the individual child in identified talents.  We use an inclusionary model.  Students are cluster grouped in grades three through eight.  If your child has been identified, he or she will be placed in a classroom with other EXCEL students as often as possible.  Teachers are aware of the curricular areas where a child has already demonstrated exceptional abilities as tested on standardized test(s).  For example, if your child has placed in the top five percent on the CTBS or ISTEP testing in math but scored in the average range in language, the classroom teacher will be informed of the student’s “target” area for differentiated instruction at the beginning of the school year.  If a teacher decides a student will benefit from very different instruction from the cluster group, a case conference will be convened.  Some students master the grade level work so quickly they are allowed to compact their work and move to the next grade level.  Multiple assessments are used to be sure the student has mastered grade level profenciencies prior to advanced placement. 


The EXCEL resource consultant is available to work with teachers at all grade levels. 

The EXCEL consultant is available in the elementary buildings at least once a week and three days per week at the middle/high school. The consultant also works closely with building counselors.  Students are encouraged to seek individual counseling if they wish further discussion of issues addressed in small groups.



Did you know?



*   A Roachdale first grader attends a second grade classroom all morning due to her

     advanced abilities in language arts.

*   Three middle school students who have been advanced at least one year in math

*   take geometry with the high school classes.

*  All five EXCEL eighth graders were able to attend the stage production of Death of a

        Salesman.  Mr. Bodnarick developed an optional unit based on the play by Arthur


   *   A fourth grader attends a fifth grade classroom for math and language arts. 

   *   He works independently in a sixth grade math series because he has already

         demonstrated fifth grade math competencies on multiple assessments.