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                                        Technology                                    Art

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   Indiana’s Academic Standards describe what Indiana students should know and be able to do.  They are clear, concise, jargon-free, and second to none.  These standards are more rigorous and provide clearer support and direction for curriculum and instructional choices at the local level.


   Indiana Web Academy is a joint program of the Intelenet Commission and the Indiana Department of Education.  Indiana Web Academy’s mission is to empower the students, parents, and educators in the State of Indiana to integrate technology and the Internet with education.  One of the features of the IWA is the Lesson Locator.


   Indiana’s Academic Standards Resources (Curriculum Frameworks).  This Web site contains online tools for teachers to use in aligning classroom instruction and assessment to Indiana’s Academic Standards.  Indiana’s Academic Standards Resources include:  Curriculum Framework Classroom Activities, Classroom Assessments, and MarcoPolo Lesson Plans. FREE Lesson Plans Linked to State Mandated Learning Objectives – At a Click of a Mouse.  Thanks to Scantron’s partnerships with Microsoft and AOL@SCHOOL, teachers have an excellent resource with which to locate lesson plans that meet state mandated requirements.  Teachers locate their state, find the appropriate grade level and content area, and select a state mandated learning objective.  They are then sent to a search engine that specifically locates related lesson plans.  Check out



ESPECIALLY FOR PARENTS:  A FREE Site Designed to Help Parents Become Involved in Their Children’s Education is an interactive Web site for parents who wish to help boost the academic performance of their children.  Here, they can use two-minute tutorials to refresh their memory on skills they may have forgotten, and find reading books for their child based upon the student’s reading level and areas of interest.  Parents may even ensure that their child is completing all of the required learning objectives for their state – increasing accountability at home.  Using the state requirements, parents are able to build a personalized education program for their children, to add additional challenges, or supply remediation.





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