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Physical Education K-12
Physical Education - 3-5
Goals and Descriptions

Upper elementary physical education provides coeducational experiences that are designed to refine the movement patterns of stability, manipulation, locomotion and nonlocomotion. The patterns should be combined and applied in games, lead-up activities, and rhythm and dance movements in individual and group settings. The course provides opportunities for students to: (1) develop competence, (2) recognize and apply fitness and wellness principles to daily living, (3) analyze concepts and principles basic to human movement, and (4) value the importance of physical activity. Upper elementary physical education promotes: (1) knowledge of basic rules and strategies; (2) an extension of knowledge and skills in aerobic endurance, body composition, flexibility, and muscular strength and endurance; and (3) the benefits of health-related fitness. These experiences should be designed to develop positive attitudes, behavioral skills, (for example, self-assessment and goal setting) and confidence in motor skills, as well as to encourage socialization. Ongoing assessment is conducted throughout the curriculum.