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Music K-12
Music - 7th Grade Choir
Goals and Descriptions
7th Grade Choir

Vocal Music provides students with the opportunity to apply knowledge learned in the elementary music curriculum by participating in choral ensemble classes. Instruction is designed to enable students to connect, examine, imagine, define, try, extend, refine, and integrate music study into other subject areas. Ensemble classes provide group and solo activities and are designed to develop students' musicianship including, but not limited to: (1) tone production,
(2) technical skills, (3) intonation, (4) music reading skills, (5) listening skills, (6) analyzing music, and (7) studying historically significant styles of literature. Activities and experiences include, but are not limited to, listening, analyzing, and studying, as well as performing a wide variety of vocal literature, of many styles, from selected historical periods and cultures. Experiences in improvisation and sight-singing are included in this course of study. Students also participate in performance opportunities, outside of the school day, that support and extend the learning in the classroom.