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Music K-12
Music - 8th Grade Keyboarding
Goals and Descriptions
8th Grade Keyboarding

At the end of this course, students will have a general understanding of the keyboard as a) a musical instrument and b) a means of focusing on other aspects of musical learning. They will sing, play, read, write, create, listen, analyze, describe, and critique music and performances of varying styles, all through the use of the keyboard and other musical activities.


Music Theory

The student will be able to correctly identify, play, and describe more complex rhythms and melodies, building upon what they have learned in previous sections of Music Keyboarding.


Music Performance

At this level, students should be on a self-directed course of study of music performance. From a list of options, the students will choose more difficult music to learn and perform on their own. They will understand how these songs relate to each other and how to apply previous performance techniques to this new, more challenging music.


Music History

Students will be able to identify, describe, and differentiate music of various genres and time periods in history. This may include the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionistic, Nationalistic, and 20th century styles. They will also be able to identify composers and specific music from these given time periods, and explain how those periods are important in today's music.


Music Appreciation

This unit is summation of the material learned to date in any music class. Students will complete an activity (ie board game) that allows them to showcase what they have learned. This may include information from any other unit, including theory, history, or appreciation.