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Music K-12
Music - 7th Grade Keyboarding
Goals and Descriptions
7th Grade Keyboarding

At the end of this course, students will have a general understanding of the keyboard as a) a musical instrument and b) a means of focusing on other aspects of musical learning. They will sing, play, read, write, create, listen, analyze, describe, and critique music and performances of varying styles, all through the use of the keyboard and other musical activities.


Music Theory

Students will build on the theory they learned in 6th grade music keyboarding by examining more complex rhythms and melodic patterns.


Music Performance

Students will be able to learn pieces of varying styles and of a higher difficulty level. Students will also be more self-directed in their study of these pieces, and should be able to learn simple songs with only moderate instruction from the teacher.


Composition and Improvisation

Students will understand the blues scale in relation to their theory experience to this point and will be able to play it on their keyboard. To improvise, students will use the given notes in the blues scale and rearrange those notes to create their own musical arrangement or interpretation. They will explore how this fits into the jazz idiom and culture.


Music History

Students will have a better understanding and appreciation of the period of classical music through the study of Beethoven, his life and works. They will be able to identify basic elements of the classical period, events from that period in history, and items specific to Beethoven and his life.


Music Appreciation

Students will develop an appreciation and understanding of America's music - jazz. This will include watching video of actual historic performances, researching various artists and their music, and being able to identify and discuss important topics from jazz music and it's place in American History.