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Music K-12
Music - 6th Grade Keyboarding
Goals and Descriptions
6th Grade Keyboarding

At the end of this course, students will have a general understanding of the keyboard as a) a musical instrument and b) a means of focusing on other aspects of musical learning. They will sing, play, read, write, create, listen, analyze, describe, and critique music and performances of varying styles, through the use of the keyboard and other musical activities.


Music Theory

Students will read notes in treble and bass clefs; notes in a variety of lengths and rhythms; students will also be able to write these various notes and rhythms successfully.


Music Performance

Students will apply what they have learned in the music theory unit to musical performance, specifically on the keyboard. This may also involve performances on other instruments, or singing.



Students will use what they have learned in the theory unit and in the performance unit to create a musical composition. This involves correctly developing and notating appropriate notes and rhythms for a given instrument. In the STOMP unit, students will create their own instruments to demonstrate their compositions.


Music Appreciation

At the end of this unit, students will have a better understanding of instruments of the orchestra, their role in music making, and how they relate to the keyboard as an instrument. Students will be able to describe instruments and classify them based on similarities in sound and composition.