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"The mission of the North Putnam Community School Corporation is to create, through community effort, an inspiring place where all students are able to grow and succeed."


The North Putnam Community School Corporation was created on July 1, 1964, under the provisions of the Reorganization Act of 1959. The corporation serves the children of the six northern townships of Putnam County, which are Clinton, Floyd, Franklin, Jackson, Monroe, and Russell. The district includes 212.8 square miles, or approximately 43 percent, of the 490 square miles of the county. A seven-member elected school board serves as the governing body of the district. One member is elected from each of the townships, and one member is elected at-large.

Within the district are the incorporated towns of Bainbridge, Roachdale, and Russellville and the unincorporated communities of Barnard, New Maysville, Heritage Lake, Vanbibber Lake, Raccoon, Fincastle, Morton, Brick Chapel, Clinton Falls, Groveland, and Carpentersville. The administrative offices are located in the town of Bainbridge, which is approximately thirty-five (35) miles west of Indianapolis on U.S. Highway 36. The school corporation is also accessible from State Road 236, and U.S. Highway 231. Bainbridge is located approximately thirteen miles from the Putnam County seat of Greencastle. In addition to the proximity of Greencastle, the school corporation is fifteen (15) miles west of Danville and twenty (20) miles south of Crawfordsville. Larger communities within an hour's drive include Indianapolis, Lafayette, Terre Haute, and Bloomington.


North Putnam Community School Corporation
Administrative Office
Murray Pride, Superintendent
Kevin Emsweller, Administrative Assistant
300 N. Washington Street, P.O. Box 169
Bainbridge, Indiana 46105

Bainbridge Elementary School Grades K-5
Dean Cook, Principal
JoEllen Cook, Assistant Principal
412 S. Washington Street, P.O. Box 239
Bainbridge, Indiana 46105

Mission Statement

The children at Bainbridge Elementary will experience an educational environment, which promotes citizenship and lifetime learning.

Certified Staff..............................32.3
Support Staff...............................25.5
Administrative Staff........................2

Bainbridge Elementary school was built on an 18 acre site in 1967 and underwent a classroom and gymnasium addition and major remodeling in 1991. The air-conditioned building has 31 classrooms, a media center, art room, music room, computer lab, conference room, a gymnasium with a stage, and cafeteria. The students also have access to an outdoor lab located at the high school/middle school campus. A major building addition and remodeling project was completed prior to the 2000-2001 school year.  The project added five classrooms to the upper grades and one room in the primary wing, along with a new main entrance and administrative area.  The student capacity of the building is 700.

Class sizes range from 16 to 25. The teaching staff and instructional assistants provide for an adult-to-student classroom ratio of 13 to 1.  Remediation programs are available in math and language arts.

Roachdale Elementary School Grades K-5
Helen Blubaum, Principal
305 S. Indiana Street, P.O. Box 309
Roachdale, Indiana 46172

Mission Statement

The Roachdale Elementary School community is committed to the developmental and academic growth of all students, to encourage life-long learning.

Certified Staff..............................16.7
Support Staff...............................19.5
Administrative Staff........................1

Roachdale Elementary School was built on a 16 acre site in 1951 and underwent a classroom addition and remodeling in 1987. The air-conditioned building has 16 classrooms, library, computer lab, music, art, and science room, a gymnasium with a stage, and cafeteria. The media center, computer lab, and a new conference room were added to the building prior to the start of the 2000-2001 school year.  The students also have access to an outdoor lab located on the high school/middle school campus. The student capacity of the building is 350.

Class sizes range from 13 to 25. The teaching staff and instructional assistants provide for an adult-to-student classroom ratio of 12 to 1. Roachdale Elementary is very proud of its Community Room where volunteers help prepare items for use in the classroom. An activity-based educational lab designed to be used by primary level students, family, and community is available. Remediation programs are available in math and language arts.

North Putnam Middle School Grades 6-8
Mike Wilcox, Principal
Rick England, Assistant Principal
8905 N. County Road 250 E.
Roachdale, Indiana 46172

Mission Statement

The faculty and staff at North Putnam Middle School are committed to nurture the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical growth of each early adolescent. The instructional process will be a model of teamwork in a safe, creative, and respectful environment. Student experiences will provide opportunities for exploration, challenge, and success.

Certified Staff.........................….24.5
Professional Staff....................….30.5
Administrative Staff.................…...2.5

North Putnam Middle School is a newly-constructed building that was first occupied in January, 1994. The air conditioned building shares a 118 acre campus with North Putnam High School. The building contains 19 modern classrooms, media center, computer lab, publication room, art room, cafeteria, gymnasium, bookstore, and commons area. A weight room, wrestling room, swimming pool, and laundry are shared with the high school. Outdoor physical education and athletic facilities are also shared with the high school. All corporation schools have access to an outdoor lab located on the site. The student capacity of the building is 500.

The required course of study at the middle school includes instruction in the core subjects of language arts (writing and literature each day), mathematics, social studies, science, and general music. The non-core subjects of horticulture, technology, home economics, art, and physical education are also offered. Band and chorus are available as electives.

North Putnam High School Grades 9-12
Alan Zerkel, Principal
Terry Tippin, Assistant Principal
8869 N. County Road 250 E.
Roachdale, Indiana 46172

Mission Statement

North Putnam High School, in a partnership with the community, creates a quality environment to meet the educational, developmental, and societal needs of all students.

Certified Staff.........................….28.5
Support Staff.........................…..24.5
Administrative Staff................…....3
Graduation Rate...........................96%

North Putnam High School was occupied in 1969. It sits on a 118 acre site that is shared with the middle school. Major renovation of outdoor facilities was undertaken in 1992 during the middle school construction. The air-conditioned building contains 36 classrooms, an auditorium/large-group instruction room, gymnasium, media center, computer lab, band and choral facilities, cafeteria, swimming pool, greenhouse, and a TV production studio.  Outdoor physical education and athletic facilities are shared with the middle school. All corporation schools have access to an outdoor lab located on the site. A building and remodeling project was completed at the start of the 2000-2001 school year which added eight classrooms, a new TV production studio, and a new administrative area.  In addition, the industrial technology, agriscience, home economics, and student service areas were remodeled.  The student capacity of the building is 725.

Each student at North Putnam High School must complete 43 credits of high school work in grades 9-12 in order to graduate. According to corporation policy and state regulations, 27 of the 43 credits are required, while 16 are electives. In addition, the Indiana Department of Education requirements for the Core 40 Curriculum and the Academic Honors Diploma can be met at North Putnam High School.


2004 Assessed Valuation...............$465,335,784.00

                                   2004 Budget	    2004 Levy     2004 Tax Rate
General Fund....................$10,872,100.00    $2,662,651.00	   $ 0.5722
Debt Service Fund...............$ 1,489,839.00    $1,359,246.00	     0.2921
Transportation Operating Fund...$   606,737.00    $  564,452.00	     0.1213
Bus Replacement Fund............$   188,523.00    $   52,583.00	     0.0113
Capital Projects Fund...........$ 1,192,000.00    $  836,674.00	     0.1798
Pre School Special Ed Fund......$    88,436.00    $    9,307.00	     0.0020
                         Totals $14,437,635.00    $5,484,913.00    $ 1.1787

2004-2005 ADM 1877.5

2004 Expenditure per ADM  $5,001.00

Employees         Certified Staff        102
                  Support Staff          127 
                  Administrative Staff    10.5
                                Totals   239.5


* Quality Education in a Rural Setting
* Award Winning Students, Faculty, and Administrators
* All Schools Accredited by State PBA Program
* All Schools Accredited by the North Central Association of
   Secondary Schools and Colleges (NCA)
* Academic Honors Diploma and Core 40 at the High School
* Academic Competition in all Schools
* Libraries in both Elementary Schools
* Guidance and Counseling Services in all Schools
* Drug Free Education Grades K-12
* Special Education - Old National Trail Special Education Cooperative
* Vocational Education in the High School - Area 30 Career Center
* Alternative School - Area 30 Career Center
* Title I Remediation Program in Language Arts and Math Grades 3-5
* Gifted-Talented Program Grades K-12
* Computer Education Grades K-12
* Computer Labs in all Schools
* Five Year Technology Program
* Full Time Technology Coordinator
* Internet Accessibility in all Schools
* Prime Time Classes Grades K-3 (low pupil-teacher ratio)
* Full time counselors in each school.
* Art, Music, and Physical Education Teachers in the Elementary Schools
* Vision, Hearing, and Dental Screening
* Speech Therapy in all Schools
* Advanced Placement Classes in the High School
* Distance Learning in the High School
* Advisor-Advisee Program in the Middle School
* Outdoor Lab Available to all Students
* Swimming Instruction in Middle and High Schools
* Career Day in the High School
* Parent Involvement Programs in all Schools
* Variety of Extra Curricular Activities in all Schools
* Middle and High School Interscholastic Athletic Programs
* Full time Athletic Trainer

North Putnam Community School Board Information


The Board of School Trustees of the North Putnam Community School Corporation is a creation of the Indiana General Assembly. It is charged with providing facilities and educational opportunities for our children. The seven board members are state officials. They live in the school district and are elected to serve four-year terms. Six of the members are elected from their township of residence, and one is elected at-large.


The seven citizens who are currently serving on the board of school trustees and the expiration date of their terms of office are as follows:


The superintendent is not a member of the board and does not vote on any board decision; he only recommends. The superintendent of schools is a professional educator employed by the board of school trustees to carry out the policies of the board. He is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the school corporation.


Meetings of the board are for the purpose of setting or amending school policies, acting upon recommendations of the superintendent on a wide range of matters from personnel to building maintenance, legally adopting an operating budget and tax rate for the school corporation, and authorizing the spending of budgeted funds. Although any matter relating to the operation of the schools may come before the board, most problems are routinely handled through the designated administrative channels.


Board meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month at the administrative office. Meetings from time to time, may be held in one of the school buildings. The public meetings begin at 7:00P.M. Executive sessions generally are held, when needed, at 6:00 P.M. On occasion, special meetings are called for special purposes. If needed, emergency meetings may also be called. All meetings, except emergencies, are announced at least two days prior to the meeting.


All meetings to conduct business are open to the public. On occasion, executive sessions, which are closed to the public, are held for the purpose of discussing specific matters as specified by the open door law. No matter what the issue, all decisions made by the board must be in a public meeting.


The superintendent prepares the agenda for the board meetings; this agenda becomes the order of business for the public meeting. Persons or groups who have petitions or proposals they would like to submit for consideration by the board must submit the petitions or proposals in writing to the superintendent at least seven (7) days preceding the regular board meeting. The board president or superintendent will determine if an item will be placed on the agenda or be dealt with under the COMMENTS OF PATRONS AND STAFF.

Persons or groups submitting a petition or proposal will be allowed a maximum of twenty (20) minutes for each petition or proposal.

Petitions or proposals properly submitted at least seven (7) days prior to the board meeting will be sent to all members of the board by the superintendent.


Yes, patrons are invited to address the board under the agenda item, COMMENTS FROM PATRONS AND STAFF. It is not necessary that individuals request that they be placed on the agenda in order to address the board during this time. Individuals wishing to avail themselves of this opportunity to address the board should stand, state their name, and request recognition from the president of the board.

The president of the board will determine the maximum time to be granted to a specific topic and to any and all individuals who wish to address the board. Normally a maximum of five minutes will be allowed for each presentation and a maximum of twenty (20) minutes will be allowed for a given topic. The board may require those wishing to address the board to sign a sign up sheet prior to the board meeting.

Normally, before any action can be taken by the board on items discussed during this time, the board will refer the matter to the superintendent and/or a committee for further study and review. However, immediate action may be taken upon the recommendation of the superintendent and a majority vote of the board.

Individuals recognized to address the board may do so under the following conditions:

1. Complaints from individuals concerning instruction, discipline, or learning materials are to be directed to the appropriate level for response according to the following sequence:

The board will address complaints only after they have been explored at the appropriate level.

Concerns or complaints pertaining to individual employees will not be accepted by the board without specific documentation.

2. Remarks which reflect adversely upon the character or motives of any person are out of order and will not be tolerated.


The board probably will not answer your question at the meeting. Issues are usually complex and require some time to determine an answer. Of course, if the question can reasonably be answered at the time, it will be. However, when the matter is of a broad, general-public concern, the board will request sufficient time to weigh the pros and cons of an issue before making a decision. You can expect that the board will act on such matters as quickly as possible and that you will be notified when a decision has been reached.

Administration Office Directory

Name Title Email Address
Murray Pride Superintendent MPride@Nputnam.K12.IN.US
Kevin Emsweller Assistant Superintendent KEmsweller@Nputnam.K12.IN.US
Tanya Pearson Treasurer TPearson@Nputnam.K12.IN.US
Mendy Shrout Deputy Treasurer MShrout@Nputnam.K12.IN.US
Vonda McGaughey Secretary VMcGaughey@Nputnam.K12.IN.US
Arnold Caldwell Building Maintenance ACaldwell@Nputnam.K12.IN.US
Don Lytle Grounds Maintenance DLytle@Nputnam.K12.IN.US
George Huber Transportation GHuber@Nputnam.K12.IN.US
Randy Neeley Transportation Mechanic RNeeley@Nputnam.K12.IN.US
Sandra Aker Technology Coordinator SAker@Nputnam.K12.IN.US


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