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School Closing Information


    The closing of school due to inclement weather or man-made events requires that contingency plans be in place for you and your child. The decision to close schools for the day is always a difficult one. The decision is made on actual weather conditions that are occurring at 5:00 a.m. and the following local radio/TV. stations are contacted with information regarding delaying of the opening of the school or the total closing of the school for the day.   

    The delay of school or early dismissal of school creates the most confusion for everyone. If school is delayed due to weather conditions the news broadcast stations listed will announced the length of delay; normally this is a two (2) hour delay. Buses will arrive exactly two (2) hours from their normal pick-up time i.e.—pick up at 7:25 becomes 9:25.  School would start at 10 A.M.   

    The early dismissal of students after school has been in session creates the most concern for everyone. Your child MUST know ahead of time where they are to be going if school is closed early. Work out a contingency plan and make sure that your child knows where they are going and also be sure that information is provided to your child’s teacher and the school office. Students can not use the school phones since all the lines will more than likely be tied up due to incoming calls and us trying to reach parents. 

 Radio/Television for info regarding delays, closings, and/or early dismissal:




WREB 94.3 Greencastle

WGRE 91.5 DePauw - Greencastle

WVXI 106.3 Crawfordsville

WIMC 103.9 Crawfordsville

WAXI 104.9 Rockville

MIX 100.7 Terre Haute


WCVL 1550 Crawfordsville

WIBC 1070 Indianapolis


WRTV Channel 6 Indianapolis

WISH Channel 8 Indianapolis

WTHR Channel 13 Indianapolis

WXIN Channel 59 Indianapolis

WTWO Channel 2 Terre Haute

WTHI Channel 10 Terre Haute

WTIU Channel 30 Bloomington


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Last Updated: August, 2011